General Contest Rules

The following general contest rules apply to all on-air games played on any broadcast of The Backpage Podcast,, or the What’s in that Yeti Podcast across and delivered on any platform (terrestrial radio, online, APP, etc).Contestant Consent and Acceptance of Rules. By participating in the contest, contestants accept, consent to, and agree to be bound by these rules.

Decisions. By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of show personnel, who shall interpret these rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules of the contest and their decisions shall be final. Show reserves the right to terminate this contest, modify contest rules, or make such other decisions regarding the contest as the show deems appropriate. All decisions will be made by and are final. may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion. Material changes to the contest rules will be broadcast on-air, when practical. 

Eligibility and Limitations. Participants and winner(s) must be at least 18 years old and not have won any prizes from within 30 calendar days prior. 

Release. By participating in the Contest, each participant and winner waives any and all claims of liability against the, its parents, affiliates, employees, representatives and agents, as well as contest sponsors and their respective employees, representatives and agents, for any personal injury or loss which may occur from the conduct of, or participation in, the contest, or from the use of any prize. Winners of ALL contests must acknowledge that they have read and understand the contest rules, that they are eligible under the contest rules to receive the prize, and they understand and agree that and its sponsors of contests, shall have the right to publicize and/or broadcast their name, character-likeness, voice and the fact that they have won a prize, and all matters thereof, without further compensation.

No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Prizes are not transferable or assignable.

Winner will be responsible for all taxes, including United States Income Taxes that are associated with acceptance of the prize.

All winners are solely responsible for any and all transportation associated with collecting prizes and/or attending events and is no way responsible or liable for any contestant or third-party acts or omissions, including, but not limited to, personal or other injury or damage, stemming from contestant transportation or travel to/from collecting prizes or attending events.

Once prizes are won, and its associated clients, vendors, affiliates, representatives, employees and agents are in no way responsible or liable to contestants or other third parties for subsequent events that may affect contestant prizes, with such events including, but not limited, acts or omissions of third-party sponsors, promoters, vendors, personalities, or others affecting contestant prizes, as well as concert cancellations, terrorist attacks, and force majeure, or, in the sole discretion of, a prize is deemed no longer reasonably available or obtainable, or where the contest is void or invalid under local, state or federal law. reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if the contest rules are not followed, a contestant is found to not be eligible under the general or specific contest rules, or the contestant has engaged in fraudulent behavior as determined by A contestant can be disqualified at a date subsequent to winning a prize if any rule has been violated and is not discovered until a later date or time is needed to investigate whether the winner meets all rules and conditions or contest rules.

Contest void where prohibited. If a contest is found to violate local, state or federal law, without any additional action or notice, the contest shall be deemed void and invalid and no prize or event shall be available or obtainable by contestant. is not responsible for any monetary or other compensation to any party involved in or any contestant of any contest that is deemed void or invalid by violation of any law. is not responsible for technical malfunctions, regardless of the cause.